Manual payment gateway for AWPCP

Custom manual payment module for wire transfer, cheques, etc. for AWPCP – Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin.

During payment user is shown the bank-account details of the website and ID of transaction as payment-reference and is asked to pay via wire transfer or similar.

Notifications are sent to user and moderator as configured in AWPCP, the ad is saved as “disabled” with payment status “pending” in backend.

If payment arrives, moderator can manually “activate” the ad so it shows up in frontend, payment status in backend is automatically set to “completed”.

  • Integrates fully into AWPCP backend
  • Configurable bank-account details and instructions for user
  • Notification settings of AWPCP are used
  • Can be adjusted to your needs

Available on request, please contact us.

Manual payment gateway for the #1 WordPress Classified Ads Plugin

Custom payment gateway for Classified Ad Plugin For WordPress

Wire transfer & cheques payment gateway for AWPCP

Bezahlung via Überweisung & Schecks für AWPCP

Wire transfer & cheques payment gateway for AWPCP