The OESort project is not maintained anymore. Orders and support are not offered anymore. The full version of the software is available for free download for the time being.



OESort is a small but powerfull program which sorts the Contacts pane in the bottom left corner of Outlook Express in various ways.


Outlook Express default


Example after use of OESort


Version: 1.0

Win 95/98/ME/2K/XP/2003
Outlook Express 5 or 6

File size: 69 KB

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Outlook Express sorts the Contacts pane like 'Firstname Lastname' in 'A-Z' order with any groups below the names regardless of sortorder in the Addressbook. That is a quite annoying fact. Have you ever looked for a family name in a big contact list sorted by firstnames and not by lastnames? Dou you often use the group feature and are you tired of scrolling down all the time?

OESort can change the format of the display from 'Firstname Lastname' to e.g. 'Lastname, Firstname', can move the groups above or between the displaynames and can switch sort order from 'A-Z' to 'Z-A'. It also can quickly recover the Contact pane if it has been closed by accident.

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