The KESSLER Wireless Design software is not maintained anymore. Orders and support are not offered anymore. Registration keys for the software are available for free for the time being.

Group-Graphic Editor

I am proud to present the smartest Group-Graphic Editor worldwide which can send graphics to many Nokia phones. With this tool you can replace the symbols (group-graphics), which are displayed if certain people call you, with your very own personal ones. Also normal and big operator-logos for 6210, 6250, 7110, 7210, 7250 can be created and edited.

Group-Graphic Editor

Read my constantly growing FAQ for a list of compatible phones, more information about features, requirements and other interesting topics and visit my big showroom to see a lot of downloadable samples.

The program is released as Shareware and you have to register it after 30 days. An evaluation version is available for download.

  • Create and edit your own group-graphics in a very comfortable way
  • Send group-graphics as SMS to anybody worldwide via your gsm-phone
  • Receive Sending Status Report *
  • Own file-format (.NGG) and registered own filetype
  • Create and edit graphics in Operator-Logo file-format (.NOL)
  • Both normal (72x14) and big (78x21) editable area in editor
  • Import all known Nokia graphics formats (.NPM/.NLM/.OTB/.GMS/.NSL/.WBMP/..)
  • Import various other formats (.BMP/.GIF/.JPG/.ICO/.RLE/.WMF/.EMF) *
  • Send current graphic to Operator-Logo Uploader or Picture-Message Editor
  • Copy graphic to clipboard for later use *
  • Paste graphics from clipboard
  • Monitor clipboard for graphics and auto-import them (very nice feature)
  • Export graphics for later use or for WAP (.BMP/.WBMP) *
  • Drag & drop or double-click in explorer or click in browser for loading
  • Effects like Invert, Flip Horizonal, Flip Vertical
  • Realistic realtime group-graphic preview with animation
  • Choose destination number from your phone's phonebook *
  • Save and load phonebook on local harddisk for later use *
  • Store graphics as SMS to your phone for later sending *
  • Test COM-port for compatibility
  • Read SMS-Center Number from phone
  • Remembers last used destination number and files
  • Direct upload via IR from your PC to 61xx series, also with Windows NT!
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP compatible
  • Style support with Windows XP

Without registration you can not use the features which are marked with a * sign.

If your innovative company is interested in my smart work, then please contact me. Looking always for interesting jobs...