The KESSLER Wireless Design software is not maintained anymore. Orders and support are not offered anymore. Registration keys for the software are available for free for the time being.


Smart Software is the oldest part of this website with programs for Windows to create and send operatorlogos, group graphic symbols and picture messages for older Nokia mobile phones.

A private registration for all three programs Group-Graphic Editor, Operator-Logo Uploader and Picture-Message Editor together is available for only EURO €15 or US $15, please support my work and register online!

Group-Graphic Editor

Group-Graphic Editor

I am proud to present the smartest Group-Graphic Editor worldwide which can send graphics to many Nokia phones. Also normal and big operator-logos can be created and edited.

More details on the Group-Graphic Editor page.

Current version: 1.3.4

Operator-Logo Uploader

Operator-Logo Uploader

I am also proud to present another smart tool, the Operator-Logo Uploader which can send logos to many Nokia phones. Also big logos can be sent.

More details on the Operator-Logo Uploader page.

Current version: 1.2.8

Picture-Message Editor

Picture-Message Editor

I am again proud to present the latest smart tool, the Picture-Message Editor which can send picturemessages with your own text to many Nokia phones.

More details on the Picture-Message Editor page.

Current version: 1.0.3

Ringtone Editor, ...

Other projects are 'frozen' at the moment. Check back for news from time to time. Please do NOT send any emails about details or release-date, I won't answer those.


Are you looking for my Outlook Express Contacts Sorting utility? OESort is a small but powerfull program which sorts the Contacts pane in the bottom left corner of Outlook Express in various ways. Find it right here, free download.