The KESSLER Wireless Design software is not maintained anymore. Orders and support are not offered anymore. Registration keys for the software are available for free for the time being.


With the current release of my software you can upload graphics via direct IR (without SMS and Data Suite) to a 61xx series phone, but NOT to a 8810. The reason for this is, that the IR-communication with the 8810 is different than the communication with a 61xx phone. A user from Italy, Franco Cristini, has sent me some information about IR-communication with the 8810 which also might be interesting for other 8810 users, so I have put it here (with small changes). Note: Usually you do NOT need the Data Suite to communicate with the 8810, but for e.g. sending text-SMS it helps a lot...

Nokia 8810 and NDS 2.0

Franco Cristini writes:

I think that you already know that, but anyway, in your FAQ about Operator-Logo Uploader and Group-Graphics Editor it doesn't appear.

Anyway, NCDS 2.0 works perfect with Nokia 8810, simply, instead of activate infrared with infrared menu (Menu 9), simply go in the game section, select e.g. snake, select 2 players (Menu 6-2-3). Now, the infrared icon starts to flash and you can start to use NCDS exactly like with Nokia 61xx series.

This works because with menu 9 you activate the full IRDA stack of 8810, with a 2 player infrared game, the phone start to works with low level IRDA stack, exactly like 61xx, also because this mode of operation is required by games to talk with the same low level IRDA protocol of 61xx series.

With this mode, sometimes the infrared icon stops to flash, also if the you do something with NCDS or your program, but this is not a problem, all works fine.

You can use the IR-Upload of your program, simply use the physical infrared port, but sometimes it doesn't work very well, and you can use the "Send as SMS" and "Store to SMS-Inbox" functions with the NCDS virtual Com-Port, that work much better than the direct IR-Upload.

With Windows 98 I have completely removed the IRDA stack and now on my 8810 I use only NCDS 2.0

I hope this is usefull for many other people like for me.

Best Regards
Franco Cristini